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New study reveals immigration fails to benefit Alabama economy

The economic impact of immigrants entering the United States benefits Alabama very little, according to a recently released analysis from the personal-finance...

Number of arrests at Mexican border declines

This is the seventh consecutive month of declines.

Construction of the US-Mexico Border Wall to Move Forward

This announcement follows a court ruling.

Border patrol’s growing presence at hospitals creates fear

An armed Border Patrol agent roamed the hallways of an emergency room in Miami on a recent day as nurses wheeled stretchers...

Donald Trump puts his stamp on nation’s immigration courts

In just 2½ years, the Trump administration has put its stamp on the nation's immigration court system, appointing more than 4 in...

US opens new mass facility in Texas for migrant children

The federal government is opening a new mass facility to hold migrant children in Texas and considering detaining hundreds more youths on...

Mo Brooks blasts Socialist Democrats’ open border policies for helping kill...

Alabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks isn't holding back — in a fiery floor speech in front of his House colleagues,...

Bradley Byrne: An immigration crossroads

Growing up, my parents taught me the basic values of fairness and following the rules. I think these values were common in households all...

Poll: Immigration among the top concerns in 2019

As much of the U.S. government remains shut down over President Donald Trump's insistence on funding for his border wall, nearly half...

Martha Roby: Border security is a priority for Alabamians

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, one of my jobs is to work alongside my colleagues to see that the government is...



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