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Chris England asks Kay Ivey for a special session on criminal...

Chris England rails against Alabama prisons, the parole board, and just about every other part of the criminal justice system while demanding special session.

Alabama prison system reports fourth COVID-19 case

The prison system said the inmate was moved to the Easterling Correctional Facility and placed in an isolation cell.

Lawmakers break session; Group urges state to resume paroles

Lawmakers met briefly in Montgomery in order to approve the break until April 28.

Lawmakers say they have questions on plan to lease prisons

Republican legislative leaders said they are not objecting to the proposal at this time.

Kay Ivey calls for prison overhaul, lottery study group

Kay Ivey detailed a wide-ranging agenda in her annual address to the legislature.

Email Insights: An open letter to Governor Ivey, Commissioner Dunn, and...

Alabamians for Fair Justice responds to the partial closing of Holman Correctional Facility.

Alabama to shutter Holman Correctional Facility

The main building of Holman Correctional Facility, a close-security prison in Atmore, will be closed and 617 inmates will be sent to other state prisons.

Department of Corrections seeks money to hire more officers

Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn asked lawmakers for a $42 million funding increase.

Kay Ivey’s prison study group to make recommendations

One state senator said he expects a package of four to five bills to be introduced to the legislature.

Two officers on leave amid investigation into inmate’s death

The Alabama prison system announced Monday that it is investigating the use of force by officers following the recent death of an...



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