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The Jim Crow film that just won’t die, “Song of the...

Racially segregated movie theaters and whites-only water fountains disappeared decades ago after court rulings struck down the legal framework of Jim Crow...

Lynching memorial will show that women were victims too

A memorial to victims of lynching in the U.S. opens in Alabama on April 26, 2018. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is a six-acre site that overlooks...

Robert Bentley says UDSOT investigation a “weak attempt to embarrass” Alabama

Gov. Robert Bentley came out with a strongly worded statement against the federal Department of Transportation's ongoing investigation into the state of Alabama's recent changes...

Hillary Clinton to speak at Montgomery bus boycott anniversary event

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is traveling to Alabama to mark the 60th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Clinton will speak Tuesday morning at...

Hillary Clinton names Terri Sewell, legislative Dems to state campaign committee

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton named a slew of progressive Alabamians to her state campaign committee on Friday, which she is calling the "Alabama...



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