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Secretary of State’s Office further streamlines online business filings

John Merrill continues efforts to ease the burden on small businesses by further improvements to the state's website. The Alabama Secretary of...

Lawsuit: Alabama congressional map ‘racially gerrymandered’

A lawsuit filed Tuesday as lawmakers get set to draw Alabama’s new congressional map is challenging the state’s current congressional districts, saying...

John Merrill creates new bipartisan Voter Fraud Reform Task Force

Secretary of State John Merrill announced yesterday the formation of a Voter Fraud Reform Task Force. The task force will consist of 15 members,...

John Merrill: Joe Biden’s Vaccine Edict

It is obvious that someone in the White House needs to remind Joseph R. Biden that he is the President of the...

John Merrill: Voting Rights Advancement Act is an unjustifiable power grab

Earlier this month, H.R.4 was introduced by Representative Terri Sewell, who represents Alabama’s 7th...

Steve Flowers: Donald Trump comes to Alabama

Former President Donald Trump paid a visit to the Heart of Dixie last week.  Obviously, this is Trump country.

John Merrill launches program to encourage college students to register to...

Secretary of State John H. Merrill, Montgomery County Probate Judge J.C Love, and representatives from several Montgomery-area higher-learning institutions held a joint...

John Merrill: Why only citizens should vote

A growing number of left-leaning political activists and thinkers are proposing that Democrats should legalize non-citizen voting in a purely political power...

Legislature passes new poll worker requirements

The Alabama Secretary of State announced that new legislation has been passed to allow precinct election officials who are registered to vote...

Alabama participates in cyber exercise to help protect elections

Secretary of State John Merrill announced yesterday that Alabama had participated in a program called Tabletop the Vote earlier in the month....



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