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What’s in a place number? Secretary John Merrill and GOP Party...

Several weeks ago, Alabama Today reported on a letter from Paul DeMarco on behalf of Jefferson County Republicans. The letter called on...

Court: Alabama can’t prohibit curbside voting

The ruling allows local election officials to offer curbside voting at in-person polling locations in the July 14 runoff.

Federal judge says Alabama can’t forbid curbside voting

The judge waived other requirements, too.

Personnel update: Kayla Bass, Bryan Parker, and Baker Allen accept new...

The Alabama League of Municipalities represents and provides support services to Alabama's cities and towns.

Vote by mail for all? Not so fast says University of...

Vote by mail or accurate elections? Recent election analysis says you can’t have both.

Inside the Statehouse: The 1964 Goldwater landslide was the beginning of...

Steve Flowers outlines the 1964 presidential election and its impact on contemporary Alabama politics.

Kay Ivey delays March 31 GOP Senate runoff to July 14

“We would be taking a human health risk just by having people stand in line waiting to vote," Kay Ivey said.

Kay Ivey postpones Primary Run-off

The primary run-off will now be held on July 14.

Legal opinion sought on any Alabama runoff delay

Alabama primary voters are currently set to go to the polls on March 31.

John Merrill requests emergency opinion from AG’s office to postpone runoff...

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the State of Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has requested an emergency opinion...



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