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Presidential TV ad roundup: 4/5/16 edition

As the presidential field has winnowed to five candidates, campaigns from both sides of the aisle have honed their targets primarily on one candidate:...

Presidential TV ad roundup: 1/18/16 edition

More than 110,000 ads spots have aired in at least 48 states — the ad wars of Election 2016 are officially upon us. In what promises to be the most...

Presidential TV ad roundup: 11/20/15 edition

This is the first week since Alabama Today has been tracking presidential TV ads that only the Republicans candidates have uploaded new videos to their...

Presidential TV ad roundup: Oct. 9 edition

It was a light week for the 2016 presidential hopefuls, as just three new TV ads were released. But that doesn't mean the airwaves were silent. Just this week...



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