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Donald Trump campaigns in battleground Michigan amid book fallout

Trump reveled in the crowd of several thousand, packed shoulder-to-shoulder in a cavernous airport hangar, mostly without masks.

Mike Pence defends police at convention amid rising race tension

Vice President Mike Pence, the evening's featured speaker, seized on the national reckoning over racial injustice to argue that Democratic leaders are allowing lawlessness to prevail in cities from coast to coast.

GOP splits as virus aid package could swell past $1 trillion

The price tag for the next COVID-19 aid package could quickly swell above $1 trillion as White House officials negotiate with Congress...

Republicans, with exception of Donald Trump, now push mask-wearing

GOP officials are pushing back against the notion that masks are about politics, as President Donald Trump suggests, and telling Americans they can help save lives.

Donald Trump faces pressure over Russia bounties to kill US troops

Trump won’t say publicly that he is working to get to the bottom of the issue.

GOP lawmakers urge action after Russia-Afghanistan briefing

Members of Congress in both parties called for additional information and consequences for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

Mail voting: Mike Pence, aides embrace practice panned by Donald Trump

More than three years after leaving the Indiana governor's residence, Mike Pence still lists that as his official residence and votes absentee accordingly.

John Bolton says Donald Trump asked China to help him get...

The White House worked furiously to block the book, asking a federal court for an emergency temporary restraining order Wednesday against its release.

Donald Trump signs order on police reform, doesn’t mention racism

The order gives police departments a financial incentive to adopt best practices and encourage co-responder programs.

Jacksonville Florida is front-runner for Donald Trump convention speech

Reports of a final decision were "definitely premature."



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