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Kenneth Paschal announces run for full term in State House

State Rep. Kenneth Paschal announced on Tuesday that he is seeking to serve a full term in the Alabama House of Representatives...

1st elected Alabama Black Republican: GOP ‘open to everyone’

The first Black Republican elected to the Alabama Legislature since Reconstruction said Wednesday that his election to represent a heavily white suburban...

Steve Flowers: Politics never ends in Alabama

We are all looking forward to next year’s gigantic political cavalcade.  The 2022 elections in Alabama will be momentous.  We will have...

Email insight: Activist father continues to push for fairer custody laws

Activist, father and Alabama Family Rights Association (ALFRA) President, Kenneth Paschal emailed supporters Wednesday urging them to contact their state legislators and ask them to vote no on House...

Kenneth Paschal: Should the church community encourage their members to register...

It is our civic duty to register to vote and participate in elections, but many religious leaders hesitate to offer their opinion on the...



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