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Kim Jong Un gets Donald Trump’s latest nickname: Rocket Man

With President Donald Trump, a good enemy deserves a good nickname. In his debut appearance before the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday, Trump embraced his latest...

Donald Trump answers call of crisis with familiar bluster, spontaneity and...

A nuclear showdown. The world's most unpredictable foe. A world on edge. What will the new president do? Be Trump. Faced with perhaps his gravest international...

Beyond bluster, U.S., N. Korea in regular contact

Beyond the bluster, the Trump administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy with North Korea for several months, addressing Americans imprisoned in...

Blake Dowling: Wise Kim meets Leon County

The “Leon Consulate of Florida” was overthrown this week, thanks to the chumps at the Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail. I suppose they meant Leon County, since...

No trial balloons: Donald Trump flips script with startling ideas

Washington policymakers have a time-tested method for rolling out new ideas: float a trial balloon. Spread rumors of a policy change or selectively leak...

The new civics course in schools: How to avoid fake news

Teachers from elementary school through college are telling students how to distinguish between factual and fictional news — and why they should care that...

John Kerry: ‘More forceful ways’ may be needed with North Korea

Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the U.S. may need "more forceful ways" of dealing with North Korea if it develops an intercontinental...

Donald Trump claim on N. Korean nukes may underestimate program

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to vow that North Korea won't develop a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the United States....



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