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Kay Ivey seeks pause on gambling debate, says facts needed

Kay Ivey said she wants to hear findings from a new work group before the gambling issue moves forward.

Corrections, gambling to be focus of legislative session

The state prison crisis is expected to take center stage in the legislative session.

Proposed lottery bill would fund pre-K, college scholarships

Last year the Legislative Service Agency estimated a paper lottery would produce $166.7 million annually.

J. Pepper Bryars: Time to stop daydreaming about a lottery

Lottery supporters were left saying “so close ...” last week after the latest attempt to establish the game in Alabama collapsed under...

Alabama lottery bill passes Senate

If you've ever heard of the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed: Try, try, try again,” then you have a basic...

2019 could be the year Alabama lawmakers approve a state lottery

Despite being surrounded by lottery-playing states, Alabama continues to be one of only five states holding out on implementing a state lottery. But all...

Mississippi lawmakers approve bill to create a state lottery

The Mississippi House reversed itself Tuesday and passed a bill to create a state lottery in the Bible Belt state where churches have long...

Kay Ivey, Walt Maddox talk lottery, Ten Commandments ballot measure

Governor Kay Ivey and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox both spoke at the Alabama Association of County Commissioners in Orange Beach on Wednesday, providing their...

Senate committee narrowly approves Alabama lottery bill

A Senate committee narrowly approved a state lottery bill on Wednesday. The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee okayed SB326, sponsored by Huntsville-Republican state Sen. Paul Sanford, by...

Daniel Sutter: Lessons from lottery jackpots

Did you win the recent Mega Millions or Powerball $400 million jackpots? If not, perhaps you are lucky, since big jackpots often make people...



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