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Kay Ivey signs increased penalties for human trafficking into law

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation on Wednesday enhancing the criminal penalties for obstructing the enforcement of the human trafficking laws in Alabama. "I was proud...

Mack Butler qualifies for State Senate, announces early endorsements

Rainbow City-Republican and State Rep. Mack Butler qualified Monday with the state GOP to run in the Republican Primary for Senate District 10. “Our community...

Cam Ward introduces bill to increase penalties for human trafficking

An Alabama state senator introduced a bill on Tuesday to enhance the criminal penalties for obstructing the enforcement of the human trafficking laws in...

Alabama governor signs pro-life bills into law

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed two pro-life bills into law Thursday, one of which could wind up closing multiple abortion clinics in the state. The...

Alabama Senate defends the unborn, bans dismemberment abortions

With a 30-2 vote, the Alabama Senate Tuesday moved to protect the sanctity of human life by prohibiting dismemberment abortions that tear off an unborn baby’s...

Abortion procedure challenged as “torture” in Alabama

A commonly used second-trimester abortion procedure would be illegal under a new bill filed in the Alabama legislature. The House Health Committee on Wednesday held...

Alabama lawmaker hopes to ban ‘barbaric’ abortion procedure

Under a proposed bill in the Alabama legislature, a commonly used second-trimester abortion procedure would be illegal in the Yellowhammer State. Introduced by State Rep. Mack Butler (R-Rainbow...

Conservative legislators ask colleagues to “Stop the Gas Tax”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llTMdXbnZ-s&feature=youtu.be In a video published on Rep. Will Ainsworth's YouTube account, several conservative Republican state legislators proclaim their opposition to a proposed fuel tax increase...

State lottery, guns, wireless data bills coming to state Legislature

With the start of Alabama's Legislative Session less than a week away, a slew of bills have been prefiled in the House of Representatives. Alabama...

Child welfare bills waiting in Alabama statehouse

In his recent op-ed for Alabama Today, adoption advocate Sam McClure expressed doubt that lawmakers would have time to pass child welfare legislation this...



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