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North Koreans to meet Donald Trump; deliver letter from leader

A top aide to Kim Jong Un was en route to Washington Friday to hand a letter from the North Korean leader to President...

Donald Trump leaves possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim open

President Donald Trump said that although he’s looking ahead optimistically to a historic summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un he could...

Darryl Paulson: Do universities discriminate? The assault on conservative speakers at...

Free speech is an essential element for vibrant intellectual discourse and discovery at American universities. Part of that speech requires the students and faculty...

Terror fears permeated GOP week — Dems barely mention them

After terrorism fears permeated Republican speeches a week ago, Democrats have barely mentioned the Islamic State group through two days of their convention. That is...

Players from politics, Hollywood mix it up at ‘Nerd Prom’

Two secretaries of state, Tea Leoni and Madeleine Albright, arrived arm in arm as a wide mix of Hollywood and Washington players gathered for...



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