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Gillette’s #MeToo ad opens door for healthy conversations

With over 17 million views, a new Gillette razor ad has taken on a life of its own starting conversations far deeper than an...

Daniel Sutter: Men, women, marriage and earnings

The #metoo movement has brought renewed focus on gender equity questions. Economics examines the pay gap between men and women, and a recent analysis...

‘A scary time’: Donald Trump taps fears of #Metoo run amok

Men of America, be afraid. This could happen to you. That's the alarm President Donald Trump and his GOP allies are increasingly sounding as they...

1 hearing, 2 witnesses, vastly different takeaways

It was one hearing, with just two witnesses. But, in an era of political polarization and yawning cultural divides, Americans came away having heard...

GOP warns time running out for Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser to talk

Republicans are warning that time is running out for Brett Kavanaugh's accuser to tell Congress about her claim he sexually assaulted her when both...

Oprah Winfrey-backed ‘Rape of Recy Taylor’ recounts woman’s ordeal

When Oprah Winfrey saluted unheralded #MeToo crusaders at the Golden Globes last January, she chose a rape victim from 1940s Alabama to drive home...

Birmingham-based national women’s group takes on Microsoft, big tech

With Gov. Kay Ivey at the helm, Alabama has been hard at work luring new businesses to the state like ants to a picnic. It...

Some Alabama women feel left behind by the #MeToo movement

Some women in Alabama have a hard time identifying with #MeToo, a movement they feel often doesn’t leave space for conservative women’s voices. Elizabeth Sheth...

Allegations from women in his past shadow Donald Trump

The chorus of women from President Donald Trump’s past is getting louder. Accusations about Trump’s past sexual exploits bubbled up on three fronts Tuesday, with...

#MeToo women and sexual harassment in politics

We're at a turning point for women in politics right now, not just in Alabama but across the nation. In the last several years...



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