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Child tax credit starts hitting U.S. families’ bank accounts

The child tax credit had always been an empty gesture to millions of parents like Tamika Daniel. That changed Thursday when...

Tommy Tuberville joins other leaders to change sexual assault investigations in...

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville has joined a bipartisan group of senators to support a bill that will change the way the military...

Colorado’s Aerospace Alley prepares for Space Command move

When Kathy Boe heard the news in January that President Donald Trump was moving the headquarters of U.S. Space Command from Colorado...

Inspector general reviews Donald Trump’s relocation of Space Command

The Department of Defense’s inspector general announced Friday that it was reviewing the Trump administration’s last-minute decision to relocate U.S. Space Command...

Bernie Sanders edges Pete Buttigieg in NH, giving Dems 2 front-runners

The dueling Democrats represent different generations, see divergent paths to the nomination and embrace conflicting visions of America's future.

Amid impeachment and Iowa, 2020 top tier jilts New Hampshire

If Iowa doesn't produce a clear winner, New Hampshire's importance will only amplify.

Defense resumes in key impeachment week; Dems seek witnesses

After a two-hour opening argument Saturday, Trump's defense team will lay out its case in depth beginning Monday.

Campaign crunch time forces progressives to eye private jets

Private planes present unique issues for Warren and Sanders.

Democratic candidates pour into Iowa for last-minute push

Some of the candidates have Senate obligations for the impeachment trial and have had to use surrogates.

Buckle up: What to watch as impeachment trial takes off

Despite hopes for a speedy trial, things could last longer depending on Senate moderates.



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