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Darryl Paulson — Out like Flynn: The Firing of National Security...

"In like Flynn" has been part of American language since the 1940s. The San Francisco Examiner in February 1942 contained the first known use of...

Donald Trump says White House ‘fine-tuned machine,’ despite turmoil

Donald Trump mounted an aggressive defense of his young presidency Thursday, lambasting reports that his campaign advisers had inappropriate contact with Russian officials and...

Michael Flynn’s security clearance suspended pending review

The Defense Intelligence Agency has suspended ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn's security clearance pending a review, a defense official said Wednesday. Flynn, a former...

For GOP, a dimmed zeal for investigations in Donald Trump era

The Republicans' ardor for investigations and oversight, on display throughout the Obama administration, has cooled off considerably with Donald Trump in the White House. Each...

Kellyanne Conway: Michael Flynn resigned because he’d become ‘a lightning rod’

National security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned following reports he misled Vice President Mike Pence about contacts with a Russian diplomat, up-ending President Donald...



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