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Day 2 at GOP convention: a first lady, a pardon, Mike...

Trump pardoned a reformed felon, he used the White House Rose Garden to elevate his wife’s keynote address and he oversaw a naturalization ceremony for several immigrants in the midst of the prime-time program.

John Bolton critique of Donald Trump could define tell-all book battles

The government asked a federal court for a temporary restraining order to prevent the release of the book.

John Bolton says Donald Trump asked China to help him get...

The White House worked furiously to block the book, asking a federal court for an emergency temporary restraining order Wednesday against its release.

US, Mexico discuss halting much of cross-border travel

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials briefed business leaders Thursday on plans to prohibit non-essential travel.

Donald Trump faces accusers: What to watch during his big speech

Donald Trump will give a speech designed to pivot from his impeachment to his drive for reelection.

Democrats face risks and limits in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial

“People ask the question, ‘Isn’t the president going to be stronger and harder to beat if he survives this?’ Yes, probably. But Congress has no choice," remarked Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s trial opens on fast track, Dems arguing for removal

The House prosecutors will have 24 hours over the next three days to present their case.

Senator Tim Kaine says he has 51 votes to restrain Trump...

There are some Republicans in support of the measure, according to Kaine.

House Approves Measure to Restrain Trump’s Actions on Iran

This resolution is not binding and is largely symbolic.

House to Vote on Restraining Trump’s Actions Against Iran

Republicans say the proposal does not have the force of law.



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