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Alabama stay-home order to remain; protest held at Capitol

Ivey intends for now to keep a stay home order active through April 30.

Bradley Byrne: We can’t let up in the fight against gun-grabbers

Congressman Bradley Byrne discusses his efforts to preserve 2nd amendment rights.

States can fight lawsuit to exclude migrants in census

A federal judge on Monday allowed a coalition of 15 states and several major cities to oppose Alabama’s fight to count only...

Government seeks to dismiss Alabama lawsuit over census

The federal government on Friday asked a judge to dismiss Alabama’s lawsuit seeking to include only citizens and other legal residents in...

Steve Flowers: Who will defeat Doug Jones next year?

It is a foregone conclusion that a Republican will take out our anomaly liberal democratic senator, Doug Jones, next year. The question is...

Holocaust Commission condemns Mo Brooks’ use of Hitler phrase

The Alabama Holocaust Commission is condemning a congressman’s use of Adolf Hitler’s phrase “big lie” to describe allegations that President Donald Trump...

Mo Brooks blasts Socialist Democrats’ open border policies for helping kill...

Alabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks isn't holding back — in a fiery floor speech in front of his House colleagues,...

Alabama lawmakers, groups respond to Donald Trump’s State of the Union...

President Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union address Tuesday night ending with a call for unity. Here's what Alabama lawmakers and groups had to...

Alabama delegation committee assignments for the 116th Congress

With the 116th Congress officially underway, members of the Alabama delegation have been announcing their committee and subcommittee assignments for the next two years. Here's...

Mo Brooks sees impending “disaster” in new CBO budget projections

Congressman Mo Brooks (Republican- district 5) has said that the newly released 10-year budget projections by the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) would mean "financial...



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