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Kay Ivey remains one of America’s most popular governor’s

Gov. Kay Ivey has found herself in a position her political peers can only dream of: being one of America's most popular governor's during...

Survey reveals Kay Ivey is one of America’s most popular governors

With a 67 percent approval rating among constituents Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is now the third most popular governor in the country, according to...

Alabama gives Donald Trump his highest approval rating

A little over year after taking office, President Donald Trump national approval rating on the rise — up four percentage points since October. According to a Morning Consult survey released...

Donald Trump popularity rising post-election, new poll shows

Since winning the presidential election, Donald Trump has become more popular with Americans, a new poll of registered voters shows. According to a survey conducted...

Robert Bentley is one of America’s least popular governors

Robert Bentley can't catch a break these days. The Alabama Governor is not only facing a continued call for his impeachment, but now he's...

Survey: Robert Bentley’s approval ratings steady at 46 percent; 45 percent...

Embattled Gov. Robert Bentley may be political dead meat according to his most ardent foes in Montgomery, but a new poll out Thursday shows voters are...

How popular are Alabama’s senators?

It's no surprise, Congress' public approval rating is abysmal — a vast majority of Americans continue to disapprove of the job they're doing. According to Gallup...



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