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Darryl Paulson: It’s now or never for #NeverTrump

The opposition to Donald Trump has been constant from the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. However, it has been unfocused and essentially leaderless....

Chris Christie’s shell-shocked look stirs mockery, befuddlement

Was that really Chris Christie, the brusque, take-a-back-seat-to-no-one governor of New Jersey? Christie's seemingly shell-shocked gaze as he stood behind Donald Trump on Super Tuesday...

Judge dismisses Artur Davis’ suit against Alabama Democrats

It looks like former Democratic U.S. Rep. Artur Davis' dream of switching back to his old party after a flirtation with the GOP are dashed,...

America Rising cofounder Joe Pounder joins Marco Rubio campaign

America Rising president and cofounder Joe Pounder is joining Marco Rubio’s campaign as a senior adviser. Founded after the 2012 presidential election, America Rising PAC...

GOP suspends partnership with NBC News for February debate

The Republican National Committee says it's suspending its partnership with NBC News and its properties and won't allow the network to co-host a presidential...



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