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US says ex-intel official defected to Iran, revealed secrets

A former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence specialist who defected to Iran despite warnings from the FBI has been charged with revealing classified information to...

Will Davis: It’s time to end the Diversity Visa Lottery program

Following the terrorist attack in New York City on Halloween, by a radical Muslim that killed eight people, President Donald Trump has been leading...

FBI reviews handling of terrorism-related tips

The FBI has been reviewing the handling of thousands of terrorism-related tips and leads from the past three years to make sure they were...

Donald Trump steps up effort to dispute and distract on Russia

After weeks on the defensive, President Donald Trump has stepped up his efforts to dispute, downplay and distract from revelations stemming from the investigations...

Donald Trump pick as security adviser is independent-minded

President Donald Trump's choice of an outspoken but non-political Army general as national security adviser is a nod to pragmatism, but Lt. Gen. H.R....

White House defends strategist’s clout on national security

The White House on Sunday said the addition of President Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, to regular meetings on national security was essential...

Donald Trump admin pursues rethinking of national security policy

President Donald Trump is embracing the idea of Guantanamo Bay as a jail for terror suspects, a repudiation of the Obama administration's longtime push...

Donald Trump moving forward with border wall, weighs refugee cuts

President Donald Trump will use his executive authority Wednesday to jumpstart construction of his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall, one of his signature campaign promises....

Inauguration in sight, Donald Trump continues Twitter assault

His inauguration days away, President-elect Donald Trump is continuing to lash out at critics in the intelligence community and Democrats in Congress who are...

After violence abroad, Donald Trump meeting with security adviser

President-elect Donald Trump is planning to meet with his incoming national security adviser in the aftermath of a rattling day of violence around the...



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