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Steve Flowers: Birmingham election recap and the impact of Pat Dye

There have been quite a few political happenings in the Heart of Dixie during October. Birmingham has elected a new mayor. 36-year-old Randall Woodfin...

Pat Dye: Lottery alone won’t fill state budget gaps

Former Auburn head football coach Pat Dye, now President of the Alabama Jobs Foundation, issued a statement Thursday that despite his strong support for a...

Alabama Jobs Foundation: “Let the people vote” on gaming bill

As reported Wednesday morning, the Alabama Jobs Foundation released the results of a poll it commissioned that showed strong support (69 percent) for a gaming...

Harold Ripps, Frank Bromberg named directors of Alabama Jobs Foundation

Two pillars within the Birmingham business community have joined the Alabama Jobs Foundation, whose purpose is to promote Sen. Del Marsh-sponsored legislation to introduce...

Pat Dye, Charles McCrary to head pro-gambling group

The push to expand gambling in Alabama is gaining some prominent supporters. Former Auburn University football coach Pat Dye and former Alabama Power Co. President...



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