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GOP White House hopefuls scramble for anti-abortion vote

Trying to distinguish themselves in front of an important group of social conservative activists, Republican White House hopefuls on Friday used the National Right...

Activists claim unlicensed abortion clinic operates in Selma, plan protest

Activists are planning protests at what they say is an unlicensed abortion clinic in Selma despite a state investigation that failed to turn up...

Group rallies against state abortion bills

A crowd of about 100 people rallied outside the Alabama Statehouse on Wednesday to protest legislation they say would close abortion clinics or attempt...

Fetal Heartbeat Bill headed for House floor

Alabama is steps closer today to enacting legislation that would ban abortions where a fetal heartbeat is detected. The House’s Committee on Health gave...

No vote on bill to bar abortion clinics near public schools

Lawmakers on Wednesday declined to vote on three controversial proposals on abortion, including a proposal introduced last week to bar abortion clinics within 2,000...

Lawmakers consider plan to ban abortions where fetal heartbeat is detected

A panel of lawmakers heard public comment on a proposal that would make it illegal to perform an abortion without first determining fetal heartbeat,...



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