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Donald Trump, GOP launch broad attack on Russia probe foundations

Trump and his Republican allies are pushing to reframe the Russia investigation as a “deep state” plot to sabotage his administration.

House committee subpeoneas Michael Flynn, Rick Gates in Russia probe

The House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates as...

Jeff Sessions tells Senate panel he did not have third meeting...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, testifying on Capitol Hill Tuesday, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had no third meeting with the Russian ambassador last year...

Jeff Sessions to face sharp questions on Russia contacts

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is preparing for sharp questions from his former Senate colleagues about his role in the firing of James Comey, his...

Donald Trump defends sharing ‘terrorism’ facts with Russians

President Donald Trump defended revealing information to Russian officials, saying in a pair of tweets Tuesday that he shared "facts pertaining to terrorism and...

Sally Yates: I warned White House that Michael Flynn could be...

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, speaking publicly for the first time about concerns she brought to the Trump White House on Russia, told...

An angry weekend follows on heels of frustrations for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump started his weekend in Florida in a fit of anger over his young administration getting sidetracked just days after his most...

Jeff Sessions spoke with Russian envoy in 2016, Justice Dept says

Attorney General Jeff Sessions talked twice with Russia's ambassador to the United States during the presidential campaign, the Justice Department confirmed, communications that spurred...



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