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Steve Flowers: New Year Begins. It’s a Presidential Year

Steve Flowers discusses the upcoming Presidential election.

What to watch during Donald Trump’s State of the Union address

President Donald Trump, a uniter? That’s the approach advisers say Trump will take in his first State of the Union address delivered under divided government....

Politics and Sean Spicer take center stage at Emmy Awards

Weeks after leaving his job, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was onstage at the Emmy Awards on Sunday joking about one of...

Steve Flowers: Roy Moore, a fundamentalist hero looking to be Senator

When the race for the open Jeff Sessions seat began, it appeared to be a Roy Moore versus Luther Strange contest. Well, folks, that’s...

Stephen Colbert to air live after Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton...

Stephen Colbert, who capitalized on the political conventions with live airings of his late-night show, will do the same for the presidential and vice...

Stephen Colbert one-ups Jeb Bush raffle with one of his own

Score one for Stephen Colbert. Jeb Bush, a scheduled guest on Colbert's first night hosting CBS' "The Late Show" on Tuesday, recently sent a letter...



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