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Lottery, casino bills filed in Alabama but outlook unclear

The bill is expected to get heavy pushback from lawmakers whose districts include dog tracks.

Inside the Statehouse: Legislative session begins – priority will be resolving...

Steve Flowers discusses the prison crisis and its role in the ongoing legislative session.

Kay Ivey seeks pause on gambling debate, says facts needed

Kay Ivey said she wants to hear findings from a new work group before the gambling issue moves forward.

Corrections, gambling to be focus of legislative session

The state prison crisis is expected to take center stage in the legislative session.

Proposed lottery bill would fund pre-K, college scholarships

Last year the Legislative Service Agency estimated a paper lottery would produce $166.7 million annually.

Inside the Statehouse: Methodists have Dominated High Offices in Alabama History

Alabama's leading columnists discusses the respective faiths of our state's leaders.

Steve Flowers: Supreme Court rules states – can collect online sales...

The State of Alabama’s fiscal year begins next week on October 1. Our state’s finances are not the best in the world. However, they...

Steve Flowers: Richard Shelby eclipsing Alabama greats in annals of senatorial...

A few weeks back my column illuminated the career and influence attained by our senior U.S. Senator Richard Shelby. In the column and in...

House Cmte approves bill authorizing gubernatorial appointments, eliminating special Senate elections

A bill intended to save taxpayers the cost of another special election should ​a vacancy occur in the U.S. Senate, passed ​an Alabama House...

Steve Flowers: Some positive political observations for 2017 so far

Most times political columns are critical or derogatory of politicians. However, today I would like to share some positive observations from the first few...



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