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Rep. Steve Clouse disputes Lance LeFleur allegations with facts

Tuesday night, Alabama Today got a call from state Rep. Steve Clouse in response to our post "Ethics questions abound, who will investigate." In that...

Robert Bentley calls license office closures a funding problem

Gov. Robert Bentley on Wednesday said it's up to lawmakers to come up with funding to reopen 31 rural driver's license offices that were...

As special session resumes, still no agreement on budget

The Alabama Legislature on Monday resumed a special session on a budget shortfall the same way it began three weeks ago: with absolutely no...

House passes “austere” budget plan by 66-36 vote

A barebones budget plan to fund government services is on its way to the Senate, having passed the Alabama House Tuesday by a vote...

House rejects substitute budget plan from Black Caucus

Alabama House of Representatives Black Caucus chairman Rep. John Knight offered a new budget plan Tuesday that's backed by the caucus. During floor debate Tuesday...

Prison reform, privacy bills awaiting governor

Though the Alabama Legislature has yet to send general fund or education budgets to Gov. Robert Bentley for signature, statewide prison reform and privacy bills...

Alabama newspapers editorial roundup

Tuesday: The Anniston Star on being caught up in the crossfire of health care law opposition: Todd Gardenhire and Luis Lang aren't household names, but their...

Robert Bentley stresses major budget cuts will ensue without quick remedy

Gov. Robert Bentley continued his crusade against the Legislature's current budget Wednesday, issuing an announcement detailing severe cuts to Lee County unless the tax increases...



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