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Inside the Statehouse: Legislative session begins – priority will be resolving...

Steve Flowers discusses the prison crisis and its role in the ongoing legislative session.

Inside the Statehouse: Legislative session begins this week. Legislator abolishes his...

Steve Flowers discusses the dangers of being a legislator.

Steve Flowers: First district has had outstanding Congressmen

Steve Flowers reviews the congressmen who have represented the 1st congressional district since 1935.

Inside the Statehouse: What Does the Presidential Race Look Like Nationally?

Alabama's leading columnist discusses Alabama's place in the US Presidential election.

Steve Flowers: New Year Begins. It’s a Presidential Year

Steve Flowers discusses the upcoming Presidential election.

Steve Flowers: Inside the Statehouse

Flowers pays homage to legendary Alabama leaders who have passed away.

Steve Flowers: Pete Turnham Epitomized the Greatest Generation

Pete Turnham served in the Alabama House of Representatives from 1958 to 1998.

Steve Flowers: Hot political summer in the city of Montgomery

It has been a long hot summer in Montgomery, and I do not mean at the Capitol or Statehouse, but in the...

Steve Flowers: Alabama is a republican state but U.S. is...

The 2020 Presidential Election year has already begun. It usually begins on Labor Day of the year prior to the Election. However,...

Steve Flowers: Legends of Girls State

For almost 100 years one of, if not the best annual event for young Alabama High School leaders in Alabama has been...



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