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Steve Flowers: Doug Jones annihilation reaffirms mantra that winning the Republican...

The defeat of Democrat Doug Jones in our United States Senate Seat is easy to explain.  It is a Republican seat.  Alabama...

Steve Flowers: Turnout for presidential election shatters record in Alabama

On the morning of the momentous November 3 Presidential Election Day, I began my day on my hometown radio station, WTBF in...

Steve Flowers: Jim Martin father of modern Republican Party in Alabama

Three years ago, Jim Martin passed away in Gadsden at 99 years old.  His beloved wife of 60 years, Pat, was by...

Inside the Statehouse: The story of the Dixiecrats and 1948 Truman...

Steve Flowers tells the story behind the 1948 Presidential election, which resulted in a historic upset by Harry Truman.

Inside the Statehouse: Alabama’s budget year begins this week. COVID-19 has...

Steve Flowers outlines Alabama's budgetary situation as the new fiscal year gets started.

Inside the Statehouse: All politics is local. Most of Alabama’s mayoral...

"Folks, being mayor of a city is where the rubber meets the road."

Inside the Statehouse: The Presidential race is underway

Steve Flowers outlines Donald Trump's chances in this fall's Presidential election.

Inside the Statehouse: 1960 Presidential race marked beginning of television as...

"Television is still the medium that drives the vote. It has been rumored and stated as fact that social media has taken over. But, it has not yet."

Inside the Statehouse: Legendary liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black...

The only Alabamian to ever serve on the U.S. Supreme Court was Hugo Black.

Inside the Statehouse: GOP primary over, fall elections begin

Steve Flowers reviews Alabama's electoral landscape in the wake of this month's primary run-off elections.



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