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Bernie Sanders distances himself from group backing his WH run

Sanders' tax-exempt nonprofit functions much like a super PAC.

Outside groups deal themselves in for GOP delegate game

After burning through millions of dollars in a mostly failed attempt to sway Republican primary voters, big-money outside groups opposing Donald Trump have turned...

Cash-rich super PACs prolong flagging presidential campaigns

Jeb Bush's recent cancellation of advertising plans in Iowa and South Carolina was yet another cost-saving step for a down-in-the-polls presidential campaign that had...

Super PACs dole out cash, whether candidates like it or not

Donald Trump calls them a "crooked business." Bernie Sanders says they're "corrupt" organizations "buying elections." But the barrage of insults hasn't stopped the political groups...

What does Jeb Bush get for $20 million in TV ad...

Jeb Bush and his supporters have spent more than twice that of any other candidate or outside group on TV ads in the 2016...

Presidential Primary Brief: 407 days until Election Day

153 days until AL Presidential Primary 407 days until Election Day Convention Dates: Republican July 18-21 2016, Democratic July 25-28 2016 Weekly Headlines: 2016 debate calendar set Scott Walker drops out...

Libertarian donors put up $6 million for Rand Paul GOP bid

Deep-pocketed libertarians are giving big to help Rand Paul win the Republican presidential primary. Three super PACS supporting the libertarian-leaning Kentucky senator said they raised...

In Iowa, Tim Pawlenty’s short campaign still casts a long shadow

Long before the 2012 Iowa caucuses, Tim Pawlenty was already out of the race for president. Yet his short-lived campaign lives on, casting a...

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton on different paths for early fundraising

Jeb Bush wants Republicans to know he's breaking fundraising records. Hillary Rodham Clinton wants Democrats to think she won't. While many Republicans expect Bush to...



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