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Representative Chris England running for chair of Democratic Party

State Rep. Chris England of Tuscaloosa said Monday that he is running for chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. The Tuscaloosa legislator has...

Martha Roby takes home a win over opponent Tabitha Isner in...

Republican Martha Roby easily won a fifth term Tuesday in her re-election bid against opponent, Democrat Tabitha Isner to represent Alabama's 2nd Congressional District...

A look at the voting history of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District

Alabama's 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives is considered a solid red district. In fact, Cook Political Report deems it R+16,...

Tabitha Isner says Russians tried hacking her campaign website

Tabitha Isner, the Democratic candidate in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, said Monday that Russian hackers appeared to have made more than a thousand attempts...

2018: Year of the Woman in Alabama politics, primary update

If there ever was a “Year of the Woman” in Alabama, it’s 2018. Following the national trend, more Alabama women are stepping up to run...

Who’s who in statewide and congressional races on the primary ballot

Alabama’s primary ballot features multiple offices and something voters in the Republican-controlled state haven’t seen in years: Democratic races for statewide and congressional positions. Alabama...



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