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Kay Ivey establishes coronavirus task force

Governor Kay Ivey announced Friday that she has formed task force to respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The task force has...

State House votes to reinstate school safety task force

The Alabama House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to reinstate a school safety task force in the wake of the recent deadly school shootings...

Kay Ivey disbands several Bentley-era commissions, task forces, councils

Several task forces, councils and commissions created by the Robert Bentley administration were disbanded on Wednesday by Governor Kay Ivey. In signing Executive Order 3,...

State forms inter-branch, bipartisan Alabama Juvenile Justice Task Force

Alabama's juvenile justice system may soon see some improvements following a comprehensive review by a group of legislators, judges, law enforcement officials and others. Gov. Kay Ivey's office...

State forms task force amid court website concerns

Alabama is forming a task force and taking other actions to address concerns about private information about victims and others at a state website...

Alabama lawmakers form task force to tackle earmarks, credits and tax...

Currently over 90 percent of Alabama’s tax dollars are earmarked for specific government programs or services — the highest percentage of earmarked dollars of...



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