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Steve Flowers: Who are the nine people who sit on our...

This week allow me to share with you a sketch of the men and women who sit on our State Supreme Court....

Supreme Court weighs whether state agency’s meetings can be recorded

A candidate for Public Service Commission president was escorted out of a commission hearing for recording the meeting.

Here’s everyone who the BCA has endorsed in the 2018 election...

The Business Council of Alabama (BCA), considers itself Alabama’s foremost voice for business. It is a non-partisan, statewide, business association representing the interests and concerns...

Steve Flowers: Supreme Court races on ballot this year

Among the plethora of races on the ballot this year are the important seats on the Alabama Supreme Court. We have an unprecedented five...

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tommy Bryan announces re-election run

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tommy Bryan announced his bid for re-election to the state's high court on Thursday. It would be the Republican’s second term. After...



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