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Coronavirus rekindles oil spill memories along Gulf Coast

Like this spring, days of uncertainty turned into months of worry and red ink for businesses and residents in 2010.

Alabama closes beaches, day cares and on-site dining

The order mandates sweeping closures through April 5.

Rauf Bolden: Repeal the Baldwin County lodging tax district in Orange...

Rauf Bolden discusses the lodging tax district in Baldwin County.

Rauf Bolden: Proposing off-island parking and free shuttle service

Life presents you with motivational moments. “My thoughts are to have fewer vehicles on the island. Vacationers should park offsite, and ride free...

Rauf Bolden: Mayor Tony Kennon must address underpaid first responders

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon has often said, he will evaluate raises on a case-by-case basis. In this case Orange Beach’s First...

Rauf Bolden: Overtourism in Orange Beach

Overtourism is like water, proportionately increasing with the lanes you give it. The impact of overtourism’s traffic in Orange Beach was never...

Rauf Bolden: Breaking promises in Orange Beach

A politician once told me, "The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife."  So, it is in Orange Beach.

Rauf Bolden: Abusing eminent domain in Orange Beach

Confiscating properties through eminent domain to build bridges and roads in Orange Beach is abusive. It rails against conservative ideals. Nothing says...

Rauf Bolden: Is the new school in Orange Beach leading to...

It may seem obvious to those who look. Orange Beach is perfectly positioned to have an independent school system, divorced from the constraints of...

Rauf Bolden: How to run for Mayor and Council in Orange...

Getting elected Mayor or to the City Council in 2020 is simple. Campaign on a platform to eliminate the 4-mil property tax, giving residents a...



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