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Presidential TV ad roundup: 12/11/15 edition

We're just under a year out of next year's General Election and already the American public is tiring of the onslaught of Presidential ads. According...

What does Jeb Bush get for $20 million in TV ad...

Jeb Bush and his supporters have spent more than twice that of any other candidate or outside group on TV ads in the 2016...

Presidential TV ad roundup: Oct. 30 edition

This week marks the slowest week in campaign TV ad releases from candidates in the last several months. Hillary Clinton's campaign employed a new strategy...

Presidential TV ad roundup: Oct. 16 edition

Unprecedented. That's what we've been told to expect when it comes to TV ad spending figures this presidential cycle. In August, Borrell Associates projected each presidential candidate's campaign will...

Presidential TV ad roundup: Oct. 9 edition

It was a light week for the 2016 presidential hopefuls, as just three new TV ads were released. But that doesn't mean the airwaves were silent. Just this week...

Presidential TV ad roundup: Sept. 25 edition

With a crowded field, presidential campaign ad spending is officially picking up, and is quickly outpacing the 2012 spending levels. According to data from NBC ad-tracking partner SMG...

Presidential TV ad roundup: Sept. 11 edition

Here's a roundup of all the Presidential TV ads from this past week: Jeb Bush Title: The Real Donald Trump Published: 1 September 2015 Tone: Critical, but honest [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgKWPcpwFDs?rel=0&controls=0] Title: My...



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