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Democrats, White House forge new North American trade deal

House Democrats and the White House announced a deal on a modified North American trade pact, handing President Donald Trump a major...

Email Insights: ‘Dump Trump’ anger sparks Becky Gerritson write-in campaign

There may be a case of buyer's remorse going on in Alabama's 2nd District, where earlier this year voters overwhelmingly voted for U.S. Rep. Martha...

Congress reaches deal to overhaul chemical regulation

A bipartisan agreement reached by House and Senate negotiators would set safety standards for tens of thousands of chemicals that have gone unregulated for...

Ranks thinning, traditional GOP candidates try to adapt

Scott Walker and Rick Perry entered the 2016 presidential race with a combined 18 years of experience as governors. They exited the Republican primary...

Chamber weighs role in Democratic primaries

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is weighing a major role in Democratic primaries in key congressional races nationally, which could produce weakened nominees who...

Daniel Sutter: R.I.P. Export-Import Bank, if we’re lucky

The authorization of the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank expired on June 30. Taxpayers can thus celebrate the demise of one of our most offensive corporate...

U.S. Chamber of Commerce makes early entrance into 2016 Senate contests

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is jumping in early to help Republicans hang onto control of the Senate in 2016, and going immediately on...

Alabama challenges federal water rules

The state of Alabama — under the auspices of Gov. Robert Bentley, who announced the move Thursday — is suing the U.S. Army Corps of...



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