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Daniel Sutter: The new power of sharing

Economic growth often involves new factories manufacturing more goods for us. But new forms of economic activity also contribute to prosperity. Ongoing innovations in...

Uber, Google develop app for Election Day rides

Election Day is only days away, and Uber and Google have teamed up to help voters cast ballots. As part of its ongoing campaign to boost the...

Daniel Sutter: Drones, self-driving vehicles, and the future

Two firsts occurred recently for drones and self-driving vehicles. On June 30, the first highway death in a self-driving car occurred when a Tesla...

Will Lochamy: An Uber success?

Can you believe we’ve made it? I mean, it’s a miracle that we’re still here! Think about it ... Y2K, quicksand, Zima, the Mayan...

Uber to return to Auburn

The City of Auburn has given Uber the green light to return to the city — just in time for football season. Tuesday night the Auburn City...

Tuscaloosa City Council approves deal allowing Uber rides

The Tuscaloosa City Council has approved a deal that's expected to allow the ride-booking service Uber to begin operations in the city within a...

Insurers laud passage of state ridesharing insurance bill

One of the nation's largest insurance interests took a moment Thursday to applaud Montgomery lawmakers for their work on so-called "ridesharing." The state Legislature passed...

CPI study: There are six lobbying entities to every Alabama lawmaker

A recent study by The Center for Public Integrity  (CPI) has detailed the reach that national lobbying groups enjoy across the country. According to the study,...

Uber to launch in Huntsville Friday

Uber, the ride-hailing service based out of San Fransisco, is set to launch operations in Huntsville Friday at 4 p.m. Not only will the service...

Daniel Sutter: Unintended consequences of Uber

The disruption of established taxi markets by ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft is bringing financial ruin to some in the industry. The consequences...



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