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Donald Trump stands by ‘culture’ criticism of European immigration

President Donald Trump pressed ahead Friday with his complaints that European immigration policies are changing the “fabric of Europe” and destroying European culture. During a...

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago loses State Department promotion posting

The State Department has removed its promotional posting about President Donald Trump's Florida resort, after a storm of ethics criticism. In an April 4 blog...

Alabama exports surging in unexpected corners of the world

It’s clear that 2016 was a stellar year for Alabama exports, with rising shipments in a number of markets worldwide, signaling even more optimism...

Business promotion and politics par for Donald Trump’s golf tour

Donald Trump moved from hole to hole on his wind-swept Scotland golf course Saturday, not a club in hand but promotion on his mind,...

Bob Driver: Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump (a comparison)

Donald Trump, who may very well become our next president, is being accused of Hitlerism. By the time this column appears, the charges may have...



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