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Jefferson County leaders find bond market `very forgiving’ five years after...

For localities worried about facing big bond-market penalties if they go bankrupt, consider Jefferson County. The county of 659,000 people – once the largest municipality to...

Twinkies are riding American millennials’ healthy-eating trend; no, really

Healthy eating has become an obsession. Soft-drink sales are slumping, salt is getting tossed from food, and kale is on the menu at McDonald’s. And...

Who are the 8 richest people? All men, mostly Americans

The eight individuals who own as much as half of the rest of the planet are all men, and have largely made their fortunes...

Hillary Clinton sets out most efficient path to get to 270

Hillary Clinton doesn't appear all that interested in making scenic stops on her state-to-state quest to become president. The Democratic nominee is instead programming...

From Homeland to hair: Hillary Clinton emails peek into the personal

The latest release of Hillary Clinton's private emails show her, as secretary of state, dealing with the complicated politics of the Arab Spring, fending...

Proof of Donald Trump’s charity giving elusive

Donald Trump, widely believed to the be the wealthiest American ever to run for president, is nowhere among the ranks of the country's most...

Rosa Parks family reflects on items at Library of Congress

The family of civil rights activist Rosa Parks viewed some of her personal memorabilia for the first time Wednesday, and expressed relief that her...



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