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Grants to help fund water wells in 10 Alabama counties

A national nonprofit group says grant money will help provide loans to increase the amount of safe drinking water that’s available in...

What they’re saying: Alabama reactions to Trump’s new water proposal

When President Donald Trump took office, he began a process to remove and replace what he deemed to be regulatory burdens put in place...

Paul Ryan: Aid to address lead in Flint, Mich., water on...

House Speaker Paul Ryan Tuesday promised that a long-delayed aid package to help Flint, Michigan, address its lead-tainted water system is on track to...

Water distribution delayed in north Alabama after scare

Officials are delaying plans to distribute bottled water in two north Alabama counties where a utility is warning residents not to drink tap water...

Daniel Sutter: Water worries

Decades of political management of our nation’s water resources are exacerbating the impacts of California’s ongoing drought. Government control of water has imposed an...

Daniel Sutter: How to Turn a Drought into a Disaster

California is in the midst of a severe, protracted drought that is producing significant costs and conflicts. The unreported story, however, is how our...



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