Promises have been made; will they be broken?


Campaign slogans are a promise to voters. How many will be broken this session?

We’re coming to a critical juncture of the Session. This is the time where if we were living out a movie the tempo of the music would pick up and we’d see fast action shots of the heroes and the villains readying for battle.

Will the members of the House GOP go along with the Caucus bill, which will raise taxes or will they hold out? It looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Prior to session starting, speaker Mike Hubbard said, “Our goal is to resolve the state’s fiscal crisis while remaining true to the conservative beliefs and principles that the majority of Alabamians share.”

I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to know how the majority of Alabamians would feel about title fees on automobiles going up.

Although you may get a mixed reactions from the general public on increased rental car fees or cigarette taxes, the vast majority of conservatives (myself included) will tell you that taxes and fees are not the best solution when other solutions are still possible and in this case they are.

In a legislative body that largely ran against tax increases, what will the members do about those being floated by the House GOP?

I guess we will see. The Alabama House GOP website highlights the state motto “We dare defend our rights,” with a section noting “as taxpayers.” Will the members of the House cave and increase taxes we shall soon see, or will they dare defend our rights?