House tax plan: Not looking good for Speaker Mike Hubbard

Alabama State House

There’s no telling what’s going to happen day to day here in Montgomery. As for passing a long list of taxes on everything from  lubrication oils, business fees, car tax fees and rental car fees among other, it looks like its going to take a team of first responders to resuscitate that plan. That’s not to say it won’t happen. There’s a lot of bullying and strong arming happening from those who want everyone to fall in line.

From what I’m hearing after good guys have rallied together they stopped the tax package  being pushed by House leadership from coming for a vote. For now.

The fact is the back room deals that benefit few and raise taxes for nearly everyone wasn’t a smart way to go about this. Members, and I’m crediting a lot of new ones, remember all too well being on the campaign trail not that long ago promising voters that they would not raise taxes.

Alabama Today has heard that the only tax still in play right now on the house side is the cigarette tax.

This is a pretty fluid discussion so we’ll let you know if anything changes or we get any additional information and report back.