Mo Brooks calls on Jeff Sessions to end Mueller investigation by July 5

Mo Brooks floor speech

On Wednesday Alabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks announced in a House floor speech that he and 17 of his House colleagues sent a joint letter today to Attorney General Jeff Sessions urging immediate action to limit Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In his floor speech Brooks said the two years it’s taken is “more than enough time” for a “competent and thorough prosecutor” to do this job.

“Two years is more than enough time for a competent and thorough prosecutor, backed up by the resources of the FBI and Department of Justice, to do this job. Mueller’s inability to finish the special counsel investigation in a timely manner is damaging America,” Brooks said. “For emphasis, the alleged Russian Interference and Trump Collusion investigations have taken on the character of an endless political persecution that not only harms Americans’ trust in the justice system but also severely damages and distracts from the ability of a duly elected president to fulfill his duties to the American people.”

Brooks and his colleagues asked Sessions to end the investigate two years from the date it began — July 5.

“My colleagues and I urge Attorney General Sessions to terminate the investigative phase of Mueller’s authority no later than July 5, 2018, two years after the start of the FBI investigation, and, in the meantime, limit Mueller’s investigation to the public basis for the appointment of a special counsel, alleged Russian election interference and alleged Trump Campaign collusion with Russian election interference,” Brooks detailed.

“While public opinion must not dictate justice, it is important to emphasize that the expansion of Mueller’s work scope goes way beyond the alleged Russian Interference and Trump Collusion that was the public basis for the appointment of a special counsel.”

Read Brooks’ full letter below:

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