Troy King touts ” Trump Team support” with last minute heavy hitter tour

Troy King and Roger Stone via King Facebook.

With one day to go before one of the most contested runoff elections of the 2018 cycle Troy King is touting the support of key members of President Donald Trump‘s team while touring the state.  Below is the statement from King’s campaign and his schedule for the day.

This morning, two members of the President Donald J. Trump’s team endorsed Troy King for Alabama Attorney General ahead of tomorrow’s runoff election.

Roger Stone, longtime Republican strategist and advisor to President Donald J. Trump, flew into Alabama to campaign for King and to offer his endorsement.

“The choice for who to elect as Alabama’s Republican nominee for Attorney General could not be more clear. Only one candidate stood with President Trump since the beginning of his campaign and that was Troy King. Only one candidate is a true Republican and that is Troy King.” Stone said. “Steve Marshall does not and has never supported President Trump. He is an Obama supporting Democrat who only switched parties to try to get elected. Steve Marshall can’t be trusted.”

The Alabama Trump Victory Chairman, Perry Hooper Jr., also threw his full endorsement behind King today.

“I was there when the Trump campaign was launched in Alabama and I know that Troy King was there from the beginning,” Hooper Jr. said. “It seems that everyone in Alabama now says they were for President Trump but very few supported him in the beginning. Troy was one of those who believed and stood with us early.”

Troy King, a lifelong Republican, has campaigned on the comparison of his record as a lifelong Republican and contrasting that with the record of his opponent, Steve Marshall, who was a lifelong Democrat before recently switching parties. King has made an issue of the fact that Marshall supported Obama even going so far as to display an Obama bumper sticker and he also donated thousands of dollars to the Democratic party.

The schedule for today is:

Image via Troy King for AG Facebook