15,000 signatures and counting for petition to Gov. Bentley to restore flag


Thursday  Alabama Today reported about the momentum of a petition calling for Gov. Robert Bentley to restore the Confederate flag. Less than 24 hours ago the post had 8,393 signatures. As of noon Friday the petition had almost 16,500 signatures.

The governor has received mixed reactions, including praise from State Rep. Alvin Holmes who previously has sued the state to have the state remove the flag, and disappointment from voters and the state auditor. The Montgomery Advertiser reported Holmes called the flag “part of the ugly history of America.”

According to the article he went on to say, “It represented slavery (and) it represented a defunct sovereign, a nation that had attempted to overthrow the United States government.”

State Auditor Jim Zeigler in a strongly worded release called the Bentley’s action a “deceptive political move.”

In an email to Alabama Today, petition creator Phillip Giddens wrote, “We our now over 15.000 signatures and will not stop till our heritage is safe and left alone.”

A spokesman for Bentley’s office said they had no comment on the petition.

Some of the comments directed to the Governor of those signing the petition include:

Petition to restore Flag 1

Petition to restore flag

Petition to restore flag 2

Petition to restore flag 2

Petition to restore flag 3

Petition to restore flag 3



  1. Jami McLendon on

    The flag is a part of our history, whether good or bad or how painful it may be. You are not a dictator and you have no right to take down our heritage. Apparently, there is a lot of uneducated people among us. If they were properly educated, including yourself, this would not be an issue. Taking down our flag, has only added fuel to the fire. The flag, just as guns, are not to blame for what is going on in America. It is called personal responsibility. It has nothing to do with race. What are you going to do? Wipe out history? You have no right. You made a very bad move. Leave our flag. “Our” meaning everyone whose ancestors fought for our country, both black, white, tan, orange.

  2. Executive orders by President Obama and now Governor Bentley prevent the citizens input either through their Congressman, State Representative or referendum. A decision made to remove Confederate Flags from the Alabama Confederate Monument without consent of the majority of the citizens means that this is no longer America!

  3. once again people jump on the press and media bandwagon I pray
    that Governor Bentley listens to the people of the great state of
    ALABAMA and keeps the flag flying as the Civil War had nothing to do
    with hatred or slavery it was all about power and money!! So KEEP
    with hatred

  4. Ernest Michael on

    I pledge alegiance to the stars and bars,not the flag of northern agression

  5. The Battle Flag is just as much a part of my Heritage as the American Flag and I fly both together proudly ad dare anyone to try and take it down, whoever does will not walk away after that.

  6. Genna Menting on

    “The rebel flag was the flag of the Confereate States of America. A lot of people are offended by rebel flags because they believe they symbolize racism. Quite the contary. Rebel flags are NOT racist. The Civil War erupted over states’ rights, not slavery. The South was mostly people in favor of states’ rights, and the Northwas mostly people who wanted the national government to have more power over the states. Please, learn your history before you judge. History may repeat itself.” The Confederate Flag and United States Flag are the same and what’s the difference between these flags?

  7. Elise Armstrong on

    Replace the flag! We need a leader for a governor, not someone who tucks their tail and runs!!!!!

  8. Brenda Padgett on

    This is our heritage, not an insult to any ethnicity. It is our right to preserve our Southern Heritage~~Offense is a 6 lane highway right now. WE cannot remove everything offensive from our society. It is impossible. And why, for the sake of Sweet Tea, are we bowing to those who are offended with everything we do or don’t do??? Where does it end and Why is the South always Wrong?????? Bend today; bow tomorrow~~

  9. I’m a veteran myself,and what you took away from those who died on the battlefields of AMERICA is a damn disgrace.What are you gonna take away from us veterans that fought for your ass in Nam and the middle east?

  10. im signing because this is a flag that represents our past and I believe my daughter is great and deserves the chance to learn about her family’s past and the country’s past. If we take this flag away it’s not going to change our past just make the future generations ignorant about the truth. This flag represents freedom it comes from a war you people trying to take it away are the ones making it racist. So I will fly my flag high and teach my kids the truth like it or not.

  11. Renee Sullivan on

    Restore the flag. If the premise is that the battle flag should be in a museum, then by all means let it fly over Confederate memorials!!

  12. Herman Rhodes on

    How can blacks demand things in their favor just because they are offended? … It’s their own fault if they are offended. … I don’t understañd this. … Anyone can be offended over anything if they allow themselves to be… Can anyone explain this?

  13. Nena Wallburg on

    Alabama is already on board to secede from the Union because we believe and support the constitution. The flag that you removed, with only your signature, without consulting the people of Alabama, was not about slavery. It was about FREEDOM.. Freedom to worship, to bear arms, to choose to fight against the tyranny of big government. The flag that you removed was the heartbeat of the South. History cannot be rewritten by you or anyone else.

  14. Tiffsny Borden on

    I am signing this petition and I am from the North , but have lived here since 1989. I know the history behind the flag and it is Heritage not racism. I have freedom of speech and feel that government is destroying our country and the roots to which our fore father found it. Put our heritage back up and leave it alone. Slavery is over, Our heritage will live on for all eternity !

  15. I was born and raised in Alabama, and now I live in Texas, and just like Alabama, Texas flies the Southern Flag (Not at the Capital). Every time I Bar B. Q. I raise my Southern Flag. It’s my heritage I can’t escape it.


    Alabama is the Heart of Dixie and to remove that flag is an arrow through the heart of our history and heritage. There are some things Government need not change regardless of popular changes. Only a brave politician will stand against the storm and not go with the flow.

  17. William kaus on

    Keep the flag its history if you stop sales of this flag than stop Amazon from selling ISIS Flags

  18. MAJ(Ret) Douglas H Cooner on

    My family heritage … I will not live under Communist rule by a politically correct hack with NO military service … put it back up …

  19. Amanda Hargis on

    That flag represents rebellion against government and there are to many people that know the true meaning of it to let it go down. You will not remove our flag from us but we can remove you from office. You are gone with the wind should I say and that flag will be placed back because it is going to be the force behind our revolution. #riseup #rebelpridedayjuly4th you have contributed to the take over of our white house and you sir are a disgrace.

  20. Put the flag back on the memorial at the capitol…..we have to take a stand somewhere to protect our rights as citizens of these United States. All rights are being taken away one at a time, and it needs to stop now. The wishes of a few are done and the wishes of masses are ignored.

  21. Sheila Richardson on

    Really believe that this has gone to far. The guys can hang their flags which offends me & my beliefs, but the Confederate flag has to be taken down when that is part of our heritage as southerners….that’s crazy that is part of our freedom of speech. GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!

  22. Vickie Newman on

    Stop the madness, history has imense value. We need to be proud of our history and how far we have come.

  23. Norma Lee Rogers on

    Leave the confederate Flag all civil war statues, memorials graves etc alone its part of our history and many of us have several descendants that fought in this war, its not only disrespectful to them and their honor its a disgrace…. and shameful!

  24. Jeffrey smith on

    Heritage not hate let her fly proudly to honor are fallen soldiers who have fought and died for this battle flag learn history people and find out what this flag stands for


  26. Norman Ashley on

    The flag has been used by hate groups, As the Christian cross has been used by hate groups and cults, ie. Jim Jones, David Koresh and the Klan.

  27. Mike Bethune on

    If you blame the flag then blame the black heritage monument for every white man killed by a black man

  28. cristy Magers on

    I am signing this because I have rights also. History is repeating itself. Taking from one race to give to another is what happened here years ago and not one thing was learned from history…A flag is not racist but taking all the history is racist.Most blacks hate whites because of history that we had nothing to do with. Me nor my my children or my parents owned slaves just like all most all blacks this day and time have never been a slave. It is time all this needs to be placed in the history books and left there where it belongs.now it’s going to be the other way around and whites will be saying the blacks owe them something. When will people quit listening to the media ? Media is 100% racist and keep all this going. Think about it… It is time to STOP!

  29. Tina Spillman on

    Restore Confederate Flag and keep memorials going. Many lives and loved ones were lost on that day. We should keep history going and remember the fallen. I am a home nurse. I take care of Veterans. And listen to their stories of them in battles. World 2 and Vietaim. These memorials and flags are memorials for our country soldiers. Our soldiers deserve something for their roles in all battles. And today’s Vets are thrown out like trash and living homeless. That’s all our Vets know is having served our country. Raise That flag.

    • Tina Spillman on

      I’m from the South. And nothing will change that! Take history again learn. Both sides were wrong for slaving. Blackmen slaved their own wife’s and children. Our Confederate flag isn’t racist. The North doesn’t won’t South to Rise Again. But it will ! So no more high taxes for poor an. Need tax the rich.

  30. Sierra McCallister on

    for anybody that sings the Confederate flag is racist needs to read and damn history book is part of my heritage as part of who I am is part of what I am and I’m proud to be an American you live in United States you are American start acting like it stop being stupid read a history book

  31. Teresa Mitchell on

    The confederate flag is part of my heritage and no one has a right to remove it, you want to remove it to keep from offending people but removing it offends me!

  32. Sherry Smith on

    My forefathers fought in the Confederacy!!They were good, hardworking people. They believed in the States rights to govern themselves. Restore the flag to it’s rightful place!!!!

  33. Juanita Lynch on

    I am signing because its my right as American, the flag is my history just as the monuments you political politicians need to leave our confederate flags and monuments alone or get out of this country.

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