Jim Zeigler blasts Robert Bentley for invoking Bible in op-ed

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State Auditor Jim Zeigler — he of multitudes of jabs at the governor — was back at it again Monday.

Zeigler slammed embattled Gov. Robert Bentley for citing Holy Scripture in a recent editorial he wrote in favor of prison reform favored by his administration and his allies in the Legislature.

Bentley declared in the memo he “does not intend to be a caretaker governor,” saying he will take bold actions to ensure a reform of Alabama’s ailing prison system is modernized and accountability is enacted.

Borrowing a line from the Book of Proverbs, Bentley reminded readers: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Zeigler took umbrage that Bentley — currently under investigation by state authorities for making “inappropriate” comments allegedly of a sexual nature to a former staffer, who has since been fired — would invoke the Good Book to make a political point.

 “I wish he would read the verses about: Confession. Repentance,” Zeigler said in a memo released Monday.

“Be sure your sins will find you out. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. Thou shalt not covet,” continued Zeigler.

The comments left no doubt he was criticizing Bentley’s invocation on grounds of the governor’s personal peccadillos.

The long and winding saga of Zeigler vs. Bentley is still very much ongoing.

Bentley recently threw his weight behind legislation that would give the governor’s office authority to appoint — or, in this case, un-appoint — both the Commissioner of Agriculture and the State Auditor, the unique ombudsman-like Cabinet post Zeigler occupies.

Zeigler, for his part, has proposed creating a “executive recall” mechanism that would allow 10 percent of registered Alabama voters oust the governor and hold a special election to replace him or her.

Zeigler will also continue his public relations campaign against Bentley on a conservative Huntsville talk radio program Monday evening.


  1. why is Bentley still in office if he is under investagation then why has he not been arrested and put in jail.Most people that commit crimes like stealing money from the state go to jail.Is it who u know r who u blow?

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