Jim Zeigler: Impeachment should focus on public, not private, misconduct by Robert Bentley

Jim Zeigler2

As things began to take on a somewhat personal tone in the early stage of a legislative panel’s proceedings to consider the impeachment of Gov. Robert Bentley, some in Montgomery are saying the investigation should focus strictly on official deeds, not the governor’s personal peccadilloes.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler, an ardent critic of his fellow Republican Bentley’s administration, released a statement on Friday to that effect, even as sordid details involving alleged inappropriate comments to a former staffer and adviser resurfaced this week.

“It is not the possibility of a personal affair that is the Bentley legal problem and the impeachable offense,” Zeigler said Friday.

“It is the possible use of state resources, the use of a ‘dark money group’ to pay [aforementioned adviser] Rebekah Mason, possible ethics violations, and possible felony obstruction of justice. Those who say that Bentley’s personal life is not anybody’s business have missed the point. It is not the affair but the affairs of state that may be impeachable,” said Zeigler.

The House Judiciary Committee resumes its investigation into  Bentley’s potential impeachment next week.


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