Robert Bentley makes ‘peach’ offering to Jim Zeigler

fruit_basket of peaches
Robert Bentley with peaches
C.J. Robinson (right) with the Chilton County Republican Party presents Gov. Robert Bentley (left) with a basket of Chilton County peaches. June 29, 2016. [Photo Credit: The Clanton Advertiser]

Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler said Gov. Robert Bentley offered him a peace — or rather “peach” — offering last week.

On Wednesday, Bentley stopped by Zeigler’s Montgomery office and to deliver Chilton County peaches to the auditor, who has been among his strongest critics.

Zeigler was out of the office in Mobile for the day, and according to Zeigler, when Bentley was told he left and did not leave the peaches behind.

In a statement Monday evening regarding the incident, Zeigler queried the public how he should respond:
Should I:
  • Go to the governor’s office (where I have never been invited nor granted an appointment) and ask for my peaches? OR
  • Call the ethics commission and report this offer of a thing of value to a public official. (I doubt it exceeded the $25 limit.)? OR
  • Attempt to go to the governor’s office and take him some Zeigler Bologna? OR
  • Forget about it and keep working against government waste and corruption?

Zeigler has long been a critic of Bentley’s. Just last week he, along with state Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, filed a lawsuit against the governor and other state officials for illegally using BP oil spill settlement funds to build a four-star beachfront hotel and conference center at Gulf State Park.


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