Auburn agrees to pay $29K to dismiss lawsuit over white nationalist

Richard Spencer

Auburn University has agreed to pay nearly $29,000 in legal costs to dismiss the lawsuit that ultimately cleared the way for controversial white nationalist Richard Spencer‘s to speak at the university last month.

The suit was filed by Cameron Padgett when the University attempted to cancel Spencer’s visit, citing the possibility of “civil unrest.”

“Auburn University supports the rights and privileges afforded by the First Amendment. However, when the tenets of free speech are overshadowed by threats to the safety of our students, faculty and staff, we have a responsibility to protect our campus,” the Auburn University Provost’s Office said in an April statement.
Ultimately, a judge ruled in Padgett’s favor, allowing Spencer, the director of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute, to speak at the university. Several hundred people attended.
On Thursday, Padgett and the University reached an agreement “avoid more costly litigation” that would cover the costs of the legal hearings.
A federal judge in Montgomery dismissed the lawsuit following the filing of their agreement.