Kay Ivey hires PR firm to help with office’s messaging

Kay Ivey

When you take the helm of a state that’s seen more crises in the past 12 months than you can count, you’ve got your hands full trying to turn the ship of state around.

Such has been the case with newly Gov. Kay Ivey.

Despite have been sworn in only a little over two months ago, Ivey has been working hard to move beyond her predecessor Robert Bentley‘s tarnished legacy and prove to her fellow Alabamians she’s both hardworking and transparent.

Helping her make that case is an outside public relations firm, Direct Response LLC of Montgomery, which Ivey recently hired to help more effectively get her messages out to the public.

Ivey’s office hired the firm on a $6,500-a-month retainer, plus up to $7,000 in expenses, for six-months, totaling $46,000.

Deputy Press Secretary Daniel Sparkman confirmed to the Decatur Daily on Wednesday the contract is for public relations support and messaging strategy.

“The contract is to allow them to continue work on PR support and messaging strategy as the Ivey administration continues to steady the ship of state,” Sparkman said Wednesday. “Typically, when a new governor comes into office there is a more than two-month transition period. In this instance, there was no transition.”