Supporters of Birmingham mayoral candidate Randall Woodfin speak up

William Bell and Randall Woodfin

With only three weeks to go until the runoff election in the Birmingham mayoral race, it’s safe to say — it’s become a slugfest.

This is far from surprising to anyone who has even casually followed the bitter race between incumbent Mayor William Bell and attorney and former Birmingham school board president Randall Woodfin in the past two weeks since the Aug. 22 primary.

Supporters of both candidates have actively taken blows at one another attempting to discredit their opponent.

Last week, supporters of Bell — two students and a member of the Birmingham school board — posted two Facebook videos in an effort to a light on their personal experiences with Woodfin, speaking out again his actions whilst he served as President of the Birmingham school board.

One video, called into question an incident with Woodfin in which school board member Cheri Gardner recounts that he challenged her to a physical fight.

In the other video, two Ramsay High school alums  also took to Facebook to describe their personal experiences with Woodfin, calling into question his decision-making ability

On Wednesday, Woodfin met with his own supporters to rally and encourage them in final weeks of the campaign. After speaking to the crowd, his supporters spoke up for him.

“This isn’t a tug of war. This is war. And you see how the enemy plays right now. To assassinate your character, to come against you and your volunteers,” said a Woodfin supporter in the video. “​This city has been divided because of this election, and it should never be that.”

Directed at Woodfin, he continued, “Our goal, my goal, for this campaign, is that you sit in that seat on October 3. But it’s critical. This a critical time in the history of Birmingham, Alabama. We can either lead the world or we can fall behind and I think we’ll do well if you’re leading the charge.

Watch the video below:

Woodfin faces Bell at the polls Oct. 3.