Roy Moore accuser scrubs Facebook page of anti-Moore, political posts

Gibson with Biden

One of the women who accused former Alabama Chief Justice and Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct has been scrubbing her Facebook page political postings in the days following The Washington Post’s  bombshell report detailing Moore’s alleged misconduct.

First reported by Breitbart News, Deborah Wesson Gibson —  who went on record saying  she engaged in a legal and consensual, but inappropriate relationship with Moore — deleted two postings that were critical of Moore and another related to Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

On October 13, she shared a link to a New York Magazine article titled, “Democrats Have a Real Chance to Beat Roy Moore—They Should Take It.”

Gibson FB post 1
One of Gibson’s deleted Facebook post [Photo Credit: Breitbart News]

Gibson deleted another anti-Moore post made the same day as the first, which featured an article from the progressive news site Daily Kos titled,  “Alabama’s U.S. Senate candidate said Sandy Hook massacre happened because ‘we’ve forgotten God’s law’”:

Gibson FB post 2
Another Facebook post Gibson deleted [Photo Credit: Breitbart News]

Gibson also deleted a post she made on Jones campaign page showing a picture of her and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Gibson FB post 3
Another Facebook post Gibson deleted [Photo Credit: Breitbart News]

The last picture revealed that Gibson worked as a sign language interpreter for Biden. It has also been discoverd that she also worked for former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

While Gibson’s deleted posts in no way discredit or disprove her allegations, they have led many to question her and her political agenda.

“It’s a very, very obvious distraction tactic. We have seen more sexual perversion by famous Democrats exposed during the last 2-4 weeks than in all of previous American history. They are desperate to tar conservatives with the same brush and they are grabbing hold of anything they can, which is why the fake Moore story was such a botched rush job and is falling apart almost immediately,” wrote Discus user johnparker237.

“Cant change the facts… it is totally coming out how much of a setup this was… One of the Ladies wasnt smart enough to delete her facebook before she accused. Shows her bias. You guys love to lie and obfuscate the truth. Whatever it takes to win. cant win on ideas so it comes down to name calling and smear tactics. Just so sad. Pathetic people,” added matt .

The deleted posts also call into question whether or not The Washington Post did due diligence to disclose such bias in their initial report.

On Friday, Newsmax columnist James Hirsen tweeted the “Washington Post failed to disclose that one of Moore’s accusers was a sign language interpreter for Joe Biden and is a volunteer for Moore’s Democrat opponent.”

Moore faces Jones in the special election on Dec. 12