Roy Moore opponents set up false choice for voters

Roy Moore

In the last several weeks, US. Senate candidate Roy Moore has been hit with two allegations of sexual assault. You’d think by the media coverage there were more accusers because of the sleight of hand of those doing the reporting. The other allegations are that he went out with (with their parents permission) but did not have sexual relationships with girls 16-18 or that he spent too much time at the mall.

With each day comes another push to shame and bully conservative voters into staying home or voting for Doug Jones, a pro-choice liberal. It’s coming from all directions too. I’m starting to wonder if Jones will go ahead and report Mitch McConnell as an in-kind contributor? We get it Mitch, you don’t like Moore. We got it with the first couple million you spent to defeat him. While I’m sure you’d like to be able to say, “I told you so,” to those who dared not support your favorite for Senate, I’d like to say, on behalf of Alabama voters — enough already. We know where you stand. Get back to tax reform and let us handle this.

Rather than reading the stories, looking at the allegations, weighing our choices, voters are being told to prove our humanity by rejecting Moore. As if to say, believe the accusations or you too are guilty of a crime or a sin.

The deceptive headlines or talking points keep coming too, reading “Another Roy Moore accuser comes forward.” Then you look at the story and it’s someone accusing him (or at least they think it was him) of looking at them funny 38 years ago. There’s also a series of stories where someone says they heard from someone that they thought Roy Moore might have done something wrong or may have been on a list that didn’t officially exist or unofficially existed but there’s no record of it but we should all take their word and vote accordingly.

After which, all of the same people who never would have supported him continue attacking him and go “ah-ha, see he’s evil and so are you if you vote for him.” Which leaves me wondering if people realize had these accusations not surfaced the same people would still be calling Moore supporters evil for his policy positions and more controversial positions on other issues.

The fact is if Moore wins and if the criminal allegations are proven to be substantiated with an actual independent investigation, rather than a media witch hunt, there won’t be a single individual who doesn’t call for his head regardless of how they voted or are registered to vote.

I won’t be shamed or bullied into giving away my vote. An accusation does not equal guilt and disbelief of an accuser doesn’t equal sexism, anti-feminism, or support of criminal behavior.


    • You seem to think you understand Christian morality, Identifying with the name of Jesus will not be taken lightly. Jesus hates no one, His love extends to even you. He died for everyone including child molesters… anyone who calls upon and repents in His name can and will be saved. However; those who take His name in vain (unrepentant sinners who just use that name as a convenience for political purposes) will hear it ring in their ears for a very long eternity. Don’t be a fool.

  1. McConnell will have much less heat if there are only 51 repubs. Or even 49 if Flake and McCain switch parties.

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